Business BA to MBA

If you are truly ambitious, you can go to school an extra year and earn your Dominican MBA. You’ll save time, you’ll save money, and you’ll enter the workforce with the competitive edge that comes from more education and more experience.

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As an undergraduate, you’ll follow the same curriculum as the other business majors and can choose from the same concentrations. However, you’ll need to take some courses in the summer and will be allowed to replace four of your undergraduate courses with MBA-level courses. We recommend taking Statistics (MATH 2400) to maximize the benefits of the 4+1 Program. While you can enter the 4 +1 Program as a transfer student, the actual time it takes you to complete the program will depend on the number and type of credits you transfer with. You can complete your BA and enter the MBA program in any semester, but entering in the spring or summer semesters may require you to attend one additional semester to meet all of the MBA requirements.

Admission to the BA-­to­-MBA Program is competitive and will be based on your overall academic performance and employment or internship experience. Once in the program, you must maintain a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or better. You must apply to the MBA program one semester before completing your BA. If you have not had any internship or employment experience prior to entering the MBA, you must be immersed in a corporate or organizational setting for 450 hours (3 months), during the summer preceding your enrollment in the core courses of the MBA program. You must begin the MBA program within a year of earning your BA.