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Minimize recruiting costs by developing a sustainable talent pool. Learn how coaching can elicit superior performance from employees. Develop skills to turn difficult situations into moments of growth.

Move beyond periodic evaluations by “leading from behind”. Develop and leverage your Emotional Intelligence to elicit top performance from individuals and teams to create a continuous learning culture. Maximize goal achievement and minimize difficult conversations. Create engaging learning moments. Use daily occurrences to elicit reflection, insights and ultimately a commitment to self-development. This program is essential for organizations committed to “growing talent from within”.

A good coach understands strengths, weaknesses and most importantly, the personal and professional goals of staff members. The more coachees see the time and energy their leader invests , the more they will invest in their own development and take responsibility for their own performance. That, in fact, is the central idea behind any kind of coaching: it is the coach’s depth of commitment that inspires effort and accountability on the part of the coachee.

The Coaching Inside Organizations course teaches the attendee the skills needed to truly connect with employees and demonstrate commitment to them in a way that builds trust and enhances performance.

Learn. Apply. Review.

The Dominican Coaching Inside Organizations course uses a 2+2+1/2 format. Participants will have two, back-to-back classroom days during which they will participate in lectures and role-plays that teach and practice key concepts of performance coaching. After the first two days, attendees return to their offices with specific assignments to apply the coaching concepts with direct reports. After a month, attendees return to the classroom for two more days of debrief, review and refinement. The program will conclude with a final half day to reflect and establish a clear path forward.

(your role playing exercises are videotaped allowing developmental critique).

Coaching skill with proven results.

Our Coaching Inside Organizations course offers a unique blend of life and developmental coaching. Life coaching focuses on helping team members assess their professional skills and career goals and is supported by extensive research in the field of neuropsychology. Developmental coaching focuses on helping team members aim higher for their own performance. This mix of life and developmental coaching has been proven effective by companies such as AT&T, NCR, CocaCola, Levi Strauss and Pfizer.

Program Outcomes:

  • Elicit superior performance from employees
  • Develop a sustainable talent pool and minimize recruiting costs
  • Turn difficult situations into moments of growth
  • Gain insights into your EQ or Emotional Intelligence

What makes our program unique:

  • Our 2+2+1/2  format: two full days, followed by a 3-4 week break as you apply the concepts learned on-the-job plus one half day of review to share experiences and obtain peer and instructor feedback.
  • Coaching activities are videotaped, enabling participants to experience what others see and refine skills accordingly.
  • Collaborative learning with peer-to-peer feedback.
  • 1:1 consultation from faculty who are also professional coaches.


Who Should Attend?

Dominican’s Coaching Inside Organizations program is an excellent learning experience for any professional wishing to advance their career and hone their leadership skills. This course is for anyone who is accountable for delivering results through the performance of others.


Where Are Classes Held?

Dominican University of California Campus

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Tuition: $2,475

Dominican Alumni: $2100

Contact Franco Vicino for information on group discounts.


Program Schedule:

  Friday, April 6 -Introduction

-Coaching: the indispensable tool for Leaders

-The foundation for and evolution of coaching

-Understanding the benefits of coaching

-The principles of performance and change

-Guide transition through change

-Communicating with Emotional Intelligence: the key to successful Coaching and being a Leader


  Saturday, April 7 -Review and objectives

-The 6 fundamental coaching skills and their connection of your EQ

-Assessing capabilities, expectations, and motivations

-The creation and implementation of effective development plans

-Preparation for the Interim project

-Anticipate obstacles



  Tuesday, May 22

-On-the-job interim assignment

-Increasing your EQ and self-assessment

-Review interim assignment

-Learn from coaching models/approaches

-Practicing your EQ skills

-4-person coaching drills (some video recorded)


  Wednesday, May 23 -Review and objectives

-Establishing a coaching culture

-The principles of coaching others to coach

-4-person coaching drills (some video recorded)

-Review and discussion

-4-person coaching drills (some video recorded)


 Friday, June 22 -Discussion of on the job experiences

-Give and receive feedback from/to peer and instructors

-Summary, questions, and ceremonial closure


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