Exploring the World of Business

We'll help you transition from college to a career by supporting your personal, professional and career development throughout your Dominican experience.

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This program incorporates both social networking and mentoring as key strategies to prepare you for your career search efforts. You will engage with faculty and business professionals to help you identify and align your personal and professional goals.

Exploring the World of Business is a required 4-year course sequence that will teach you how to launch and maintain a successful business career. The curriculum provides an opportunity to develop and strengthen important non-academic skills including self-confidence, setting academic goals, motivation and social support.

Freshman Year – Discovering the World and You

Your values and talents will be explored and how these factors align with the Barowsky School of Business core values and educational programs. This first year also focuses on building community and bonding with students, faculty and the University.

Sophomore Year – Building your Career foundation

Your strengths and interests will ultimately guide your choice of business concentration, which you’ll declare by your junior year.  This is the time to consider various occupational paths within your chosen concentration. This year you will have explore various internships and study abroad opportunities.

Junior Year – Developing your Business Network

The structure of this year, with the small class size, will allow for specialized coaching time with faculty focused on your personal goals. You’ll refine your career choice and define your personal brand.  You will practice effective interviewing and networking skills, establish mentoring relationships and expand your professional network.

Senior Year – Launching your Business Career

During your senior year we will empower you to lead your own job search and explore career choices while continuing to strengthen and utilize your networking contacts.