Combine a solid business education with another discipline like Biology or International Studies. It's a great way to broaden your career options, because even scientists and policy analysts benefit when they understand business fundamentals.

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Arts Management Minor

Arts Management is a cross-­disciplinary program that combines selected courses in the arts fields with selected courses in business to offer training for students interested in merging their studies in the arts fields with specific career-­related training in business and management.

The Arts Management Minor accords with the University goals of connecting the liberal arts and professional programs by integrating theory and practice. Students with an emphasis in Arts Management pursue their major interests in the creative arts or other fields while developing their skills in specific career related arenas, such as art gallery and museum management, exhibition and display techniques, budget management and basic accounting, leadership, strategic planning, and fundraising. View Arts Management minor requirements and course descriptions.

Business Administration Minor

The minor in business administration requires a total of 6 classes (18 units) and is available to all undergraduate students.  Macroeconomics and Financial Accounting are required. You may choose the remaining 4 classes (12 units) from the Business Administration core.  With approval of the Director of the Undergraduate Business Program, you may also choose courses from the five undergraduate business concentrations. View Business Administration minor requirements and course descriptions. 

Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship (GIE) Minor

The Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship (GIE) Minor is designed to transform students into innovative leaders and responsible entrepreneurs capable of effecting change in the global marketplace. Rigorous coursework ensures students are thoroughly grounded in innovation and entrepreneurship using human-centered design thinking and provides Dominican students exposure to real, scalable and innovative business ideas and ventures in the global arena, irrespective of their major.

Whether you are studying business, liberal arts, or health sciences, the ability to make effective decisions or take an idea from concept to reality are vital real-world skills that will impact you in any career you pursue. The Global Innovation & Entrepreneurship (GIE) Minor is designed to shape students into innovative leaders and responsible entrepreneurs who can effect change in the global marketplace.

Students will be required to participate in 2 trips: one trip will immerse the students in the Silicon Valley ecosystem, and the other trip will emphasize learning in an international setting. In addition to the course tuition, a program travel fee of $3,500 will be required of all students in the program. Scholarships are available to help offset trip fees. View Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship (GIE) minor requirements and course descriptions.

Leadership Studies Minor

Study the qualities and skills of effective leaders as you enhance your own leadership qualities and hone your ethical decision-making skill. The Leadership Studies Minor has four components—theoretical, experiential, skill building and a culminating capstone—and emphasizes ethical, cultural, historical, organizational, philosophical, political, psychological, societal and ethical dimensions of leadership.

If you’re contemplating a Leadership Studies Minor, you must meet with both your major advisor and Leadership Studies Minor advisor, preferably by the beginning of your sophomore year. View Leadership Study minor requirements and course descriptions.