Small Business Strategies Certificate

Starts March 2018

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Learn strategies to take your business to the next level. Clarify roles and relationships for increased accountability and profitability. Address legacy and succession challenges while minimizing conflict.

Issues of cash flow, finance, work-life balance, governance, succession and relationship dynamics weigh heavily on small business owners (SBOs).

These issues played out against a backdrop of technological advances, volatile market forces and unbridled globalization, create additional challenges as well as considerable opportunities.

The Small Business Strategies Certificate assists SBOs in establishing and strengthening a sustaining organization, one that can defy the odds and move into the future as a surviving, successful, business for generations.

Address the unique challenges of leading, growing and sustaining your business with the Small Business Strategies Certificate program.

Clarify your business strategy using a five-year plan, and a model describing the typical growth patterns of small firms. Consider the implications of different corporate structures, new regulations, and your risk exposure. Examine ways to leverage financial information and use best practices while weighing requirements for wealth accumulation and transition vs. capital expenditure. Learn how to facilitate conflict and build collaboration. Gain insights about the consequences of your intended initiatives.

According to McKinsey & Company, small-owned enterprises – from traditional neighborhood ‘mom and pops,’ to power-houses in major urban centers the world over – are the backbone of global economies. Yet, research shows only 40% will survive the next generation of small business ownership.


Small Business Strategies Certificate will lay the groundwork for a sustainable business and a potential generational success.

A collaborative and practical training program drawing on the deep knowledge and experience of SBOs, business leaders, and entrepreneurs.

The Barowsky School of Business Small Business Strategies Certificate addresses the realities of successfully navigating fierce competition,  generational shifts and globalization while harnessing the high levels of “emotional capital” that makes the small business compelling and richly complex.

The program provides practical, hands-on, interactive training, incorporating relationship dynamics, challenging global conditions – economic, regulatory, governance – shaded by finely detailed, subtle personal and cultural nuances that inform interpersonal communications, hierarchies, and legacies.


  • Session 1:  STRATEGY — Insights into taking your business to the next level by becoming responsive to opportunities and addressing challenges.
  • Session 2:  MANAGING YOUR WEALTH — Invest or accumulate? Translating financial data into sound decisions for the firm and the extended support network (family).
  • Session 3:  GOVERNANCE — How to structure the firm, manage risks and increase clarity for improved accountability and profitability.
  • Session 4:  RELATIONSHIPS — Build strong interpersonal networks for internal and external support and create appropriate work-life balance.
  • Session 5:  SMALL BUSINESS LAB — Tap into, and utilize the knowledge, experience, and skills of seasoned professionals to test the viability of your plan going forward.
  • Session 6:  WHAT IS YOUR LEGACY? — A time for reflection. Laying the ground work for generational success.

Program Outcomes:

  • Learn strategies to take your business to the next level
  • Establish clarity of roles and relationships
  • Address succession challenges and minimize conflict
  • Ensure the sustainability of your enterprise

What makes our program unique:

  • Intensive Tuesday sessions over a period of two months
  • Interactive Family Business Lab provides immediate program ROI


Who Should Attend?

Dominican’s Small Business Strategies Certificate is an excellent learning experience for business owners wishing to advance their enterprise and hone both their leadership and management skills.

  • Owners and senior level employees of small-owned businesses
  • Private investors
  • Professionals, advisors and “family office” (FBO) managers


Where Are Classes Held?

Dominican University of California

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Full cost:  $1,650

Two participants from the same firm:  $2,000

Contact Franco Vicino for information on group discounts.


Program Schedule:


  Day 1   Strategy-Introduction and insight into leading a small business

-Generating value for a small business – a local to global footprint

-Identifying opportunities and challenges

-Planning for strategic performance


  Day 2   Governance-Creating a sustaining small business

-Understanding roles and responsibilities

-Deciphering legal complex aspects (including formation of contracts; breach of contract; anti-trust; employment and labor law; intellectual property and taxation)

-Developing winning succession strategies


  Day 3   Finance and Wealth Management -Funding and managing the small business enterprise through different stages of growth

-Managing retained earnings

-Accumulating wealth

-Translating financial data into sound decisions


  Day 4   Relationships-Building strong teams

-Addressing complicated organizational and psychological dynamics inherent to the small business

-Implementing effective communications strategies with small business members, employees


   Day 5  Small Business Lab-Bring your pressing issues and challenges to the Small Business Lab, where we explore – under the guidance of professionals from thriving family businesses – possible solutions.  Develop actionable strategies for immediate return on investment.


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