Small Business Workshop

May 16 - 17, 2019

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Small Business Workshop

Presented by The Barowsky School of Business and Private Ocean Wealth Management

Theme: Beyond Business School: Growing and Sustaining Your Successful Enterprise

Date: May 16-17, 2019

Location: Dominican University of California Campus

Cost: $450 | Contact us for multiple attendee discounts.

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Description: Operating a small business can be isolating at times. Issues of cash flow, investment decisions, governance, work-life balance, relationship dynamics and succession can weigh heavily on business owners. Resources are often limited and time is always a precious commodity. While online resources can be helpful, nothing replaces the value and benefits of meeting face to face with local business leaders and colleagues facing similar issues.

The Dominican University of California’s Barowsky School of Business and Private Ocean Wealth Management are proud to host the first-ever Small Business Workshop for business owners, managers, advisors and investors. The intensive day and a half workshop provides valuable, real-world knowledge, best practices and hands-on training that addresses the unique challenges of growing and sustaining a successful small business.

Learn strategies to grow your business to the next level:

  • Understand the typical growth patterns of firms
  • Establish guidelines for accumulating wealth versus supplying growth capital
  • Navigate fierce competition, generational shifts, and globalization
  • Enforce accountability and assert your leadership role
  • Learn the pros and cons of family involvement
  • Recognize how to best match skills to roles
  • Ensure the sustainability of your enterprise while considering your legacy
  • Gain feedback and insights from experts about your future plan

Collaborative and practical, this comprehensive workshop draws on the deep knowledge and experiences of Small Business Owners (SBOs), business leaders and entrepreneurs, providing unique opportunities to test or verify the validity of your past and present initiatives along with your future intentions.


Who Should Attend?

The Small Business Workshop is an excellent learning experience for anyone wishing to advance a small to medium-sized enterprise and hone one’s knowledge, leadership and management skills. We welcome:

  • Business owners, key family members and senior level employees.
  • Private investors.
  • Professionals, advisors and “family office” (FBO) managers.


Program Schedule:

Day 1 | Registration, Welcome and Networking Reception

1:00 PM            Registration Open

4:00 PM            Welcome & Introduction

4:30 PM            Keynote

5:15 PM            Cocktail Reception & Networking


Day 2 | Registration, Welcome and Networking Reception

8:30 AM           Breakfast (Registration also open)

9:00 AM           Breakout Sessions 1 & 2

10:30 AM         Breakout Sessions 3 & 4

11:45 AM          Lunch & Networking

1:00 PM            Breakout Sessions 5 & 6

2:15 PM             Panel of Family Business & Advisors

3:30 PM            Wrap-up and Materials


Breakout Sessions

Breakout Session 1 | Enhancing Your Strategy for 2019:  Leveraging Strategic Decisions to Grow Your Base and Brand

  • Diversifying Your Client Base: Organic and inorganic growth
  • Differentiating Your Brand to Compete with Big Business
  • Balancing Quality and Growth
  • Leveraging Strategic Thinking in Daily Operations


Breakout Session 2 | Navigating Ever-Changing Government Regulations

  • Evaluate your present legal structure: Are you protected?
  • Decipher the nature of risk management
  • The latest around environmental and advertising regulations
  • Assess your legal exposure (contracts, employment and labor laws, intellectual property rights, etc.)
  • Look ahead to consider the implications of early stages of generational succession consideration and strategies


Breakout Session 3 | Effective Cash Flow Management: Bridging Budget Control with Profitability

  • Managing accumulating wealth
  • Funding growth at different stages of the maturity curve
  • Navigating the economy’s impact including tax and healthcare changes
  • Leveraging sound financial data for sound decisions


Breakout Session 4 | Game-Changing Leadership: Creating Value and Innovation

  • Hiring and maintaining employee engagement and high-performance teams
  • Embracing constructive conflict as a key tool to inspire commitment
  • Preventing leadership fatigue and employee burnout
  • Examining your Emotional Intelligence Quotient (E.Q.) for better impact


Breakout Session 5 | Leaving a Legacy Worth Fighting For: Imagining and Securing Your Firm’s Future

  • Communicating your purpose
  • Drafting your succession plan
  • Preparing your heirs
  • Transitioning to visionary


Breakout Session 6 | Show and Tell: Outperforming Competitors Through Strategic Planning

  • Gain insights from a panel of seasoned, successful small to medium business owners and professional advisers on trends and challenges as well as the viability of intended strategies and initiatives.


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