Successful Team Selling

Starts Fall 2018

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Increase sales in your existing client base. Strategically extend opportunities in your territory. Create and nurture exemplary team-selling culture.

Satisfying the demands of ever changing technological platforms, while responding to clients’ increased sophistication, makes professional selling one of the most demanding roles in any organization. Hone your inquiry techniques to gain further insights into clients’ needs and ways in which your product(s) or service(s) can serve different applications. Enhance your Emotional Quotient and leverage the difference between being interesting and being interested. Use skills originally pioneered at Yale, and adopt the latest findings from neuro-psychology research.

Driven by data, proven by research.

The sales interaction skills Dominican teaches are based on research begun more than 50 years ago at Yale University. The goal was to explore the performance and communication habits of the top 10 percent of sales people in the world. Business scholars at Harvard, Indiana University and the University of Illinois have since built on that geo-2, which now includes more than 5 million respondents from more than 4,000 companies and has spawned more than 40 Ph.D. dissertations.

Three days, five core skills.

Barowsky’s Successful Team Selling program includes two full days of training followed one month later by a one-day debrief session. The first two days feature intensive, hands-on training in the five core sales interaction skills.

The debrief session allows you to fine tune your skills after you’ve had a month to practice them with real internal and external customers.

Seeing is believing, and learning.

Nothing improves your performance of a new skill faster than being able to see yourself in action. Throughout the course, you will be videotaped as you role play each new skill so you can immediately see what you’re already doing well and where you need to improve.

Successful Team Selling—particularly if you’re selling complex technology, medical, financial or legal services—requires more than just a solid knowledge of your business. It requires a thorough understanding of your client’s needs and an ability to honestly and compellingly describe how your product or service meets those needs.

Program Outcomes:

  • Increase sales through your existing client base
  • Strategically extend the range of opportunities in your territory 
  • Create and nurture an exemplary team-selling culture 


What makes our program unique?

  • Our 2+1 session Successful Team Selling program increases your footprint in existing markets expanding your reach into new ones
  • Develop relationship-building, listening, and questioning skills that were pioneered at Yale


Who Should Attend?

Dominican’s Successful Team Selling program is an excellent learning experience for any professional wishing to advance their career and hone their leadership skills. Almost anyone who has client contact can benefit from the sales interaction skills taught in Dominican’s Professional Selling:

  • Sales and customer service representatives
  • Experts who must explain or troubleshoot a product with an internal or external client
  • Doctors, lawyers, accountants and other professionals seeking to expand their client base
  • Entrepreneurs seeking to launch a new product or service or desiring to be more effective in turning prospects into customers


Where Are Classes Held?

Dominican University of California Campus

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Tuition: $1950

Public, Government, & Non-prot Organizations: $1850

Dominican Alumni: $1750

Contact Franco Vicino for information on group discounts.


Program Schedule:

  Day 1 -Research on what distinguishes the Top 10% of Tech Sales and Sales Support people from the rest. Review the mindsets and skill sets of the Top 10%.
-How to facilitate customer meetings more successfully.
  Day 2 -Making a connection between product features and the client’s most compelling needs.
-Facilitating team sales calls in a way that maximizes the credibility and success of all sales team members.
  Day 3 -Advanced Objection Resolution: How to resolve even the most difficult objections and simultaneously enhancing the client relationship.
-Committing to a path of personal sales mastery.


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