Supervisory Skills for a Modern Workplace

Starts March 2018

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Deliver results through others.                                               Evolve from being a technical expert to a leader.               Successfully manage the challenges of a diverse team.


Today’s role for a supervisor is challenging as a result of:

  • Pressure to balance management’s needs to shift priorities with staff’s need for    predictability 
  • An increased diversity in the workforce
  • High-performing workers are selected to become supervisors often without exposure to the challenges they will face or the needed training in the       skills they will need

Program Overview:

Supervisory Skills for a Modern Workplace is designed to equip supervisors with the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully anticipate and overcome challenges in the workplace. Comprised by three and a half day sessions appropriately spaced, the approach provides a mix of class room learning with back on the job practice and subsequent small group discussions to process the on the job experimentation.

What Makes us Unique:

  • Blending state-of-the-art academic research with pragmatic tips, tools and techniques, the program is delivered by instructors with substantial “real world” experience.
  • Today, leadership no longer belongs merely at the top of an organization. Our program leverages basic leadership principles to add a new dimension to the role of supervision.

Program Outcomes:

  • Evolve from “technical expert” to “leader”
  • Effectively deliver results through others
  • Proactively identify and resolve problems
  • Successfully manage the challenges of a diverse team


Who should attend?

  • Staff taking on a supervisory role
  • Supervisors faced with the challenges of leading a diverse team
  • Supervisors wanting to lead and empower in their present style of command and control


Where are classes held?

Labcon North America

3700 Lakeville Highway, Petaluma, Calif.

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Tuition:  $2,475

Private Sector:  $2,475

Public, Government & Non-Profit Organizations:  $2,250

Contact Franco Vicino for information on group/Chamber discounts.


Program Schedule:


Day 1: Thursday, March 29 – Me & My   Organization

8:30 AM – 4:30 PM

  – Introduction (Program Objectives, Process, Expectations, Introductions, etc.)

  – Overview of Supervisory Role & Responsibilities (Reason for Being, Expected Results, Differences from “Manager”, Advantages/Disadvantages vs. being ‘Staff’, etc.

  – Overview of Challenges (Related to both Function and People)

  – Overview of Skills Required (Related to both Function and People)

  – Detailed Examination/Exercises for Functional Skills (Getting & giving S.M.A.R.T. goals, Prioritization and Planning, ‘Management’ of Resources (especially, Time Management), Art of Delegation, Execution/Monitoring/Problem Resolution, etc.)

  – Summary and preparation for Day Two


Day 2: Thursday, April 5 – Me & My Team

8:30 AM – 4:30 PM   

  Review of Day One Content

  – Detailed Examination/Exercises for People Skills (Emotional Intelligence, Personal Credibility, Team Leadership, Motivation, Coaching through Listening & Questioning, Constructive Feedback, Training & Development, Discipline, Handling Grievances/Complaints)

  – Detailed Examination /Exercises in Challenges & Effective Responses (Personalities, Conflicting Objectives, Resource Shortage, Work Overload, Inadequate Performance, Rule-Breaking, etc.)

  – Preparation for Implementation at Workplace


Day 3:  Thursday, April 12 – Me as a Role Model

8:30 AM – 4:30 PM

  – Structured Review of Workplace Experiences

  – Review of Core Concepts

  – Videoed Exercises in Challenge/Response Interactions

  – Development of Individual Participant 6-Month Success Plans (Quick Wins, SWOT Assessment, Skills Development, Mentor Identification/Interface, etc.)

  – Program Wrap-Up


Day 4: Thursday, April 26 – Me and My  Development Plan

8:30 AM – 12 PM

  Group discussion of Back at work Experiences

  – Sharing of Development plan applications


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