Leadership Academy – Certificate Program

Spring 2020

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Learn the difference between managing and leading. Create and implement a strategic business plan. Leverage emotional intelligence to increase productivity from your team.

Leaders take charge, and see the big picture. They can envision what is needed going forward, build consensus and ultimately deliver measurable ROI. Strategic thinking* and an ongoing enhancement of emotional intelligence are leaders’ go-to competencies. Ensuring your business model is viable by working hard, is what you do; developing leaders that can measurably contribute, is what we do.

Tailored to your business.

Each of the Leadership Certificate’s nine one-day sessions focuses on a different leadership skill and includes hands-on learning techniques and measurable outcomes. The curriculum was informed by a survey of CEO’s and senior VP’s from more than 70 Bay Area businesses and organizations, and can be further customized to meet the needs of your business.

Designed for immediate organizational ROI.

The Leadership Certificate includes a capstone project called “Project Leadership,” in which participants design and implement a plan to address a strategic business need of their sponsoring companies. The plans typically realize savings and revenue five to ten times greater than the participants’ tuition, delivering excellent return on investment.

Focused on personal success.

Individual attention and commitment to personal success are part of Dominican’s DNA. In between sessions, participants apply and practice newly learned skills. A Dominican business mentor will regularly check in with each participant to ensure his or her learning needs are being met.

Taught by experienced faculty.

Each session in the Leadership Certificate Program is taught by an expert in the leadership skill being covered. Instructors include professors from Dominican’s Barowsky School of Business as well as senior executives and seasoned consultants from throughout the Bay Area.

To earn the Leadership Certificate, participants must complete the entire nine-session program. To acknowledge the demands of the work setting and its related emergencies, participants may make-up missed sessions the next semester when the program is offered. It may be possible to earn Continuing Education Units (CEU’s) for certain professions.

Program Outcomes

  • Learn the difference between managing and leading
  • Identify, design and implement a strategic business plan
  • Leverage emotional intelligence to increase productivity from your team
  • Deliver a tangible ROI as part of the experience



Who Should Attend?

Dominican’s Leadership Certificate program is an excellent learning experience for any professional wishing to advance their career and hone their leadership skills.

  • High-potential performers being groomed for advancement
  • Managers and directors seeking to expand their authority
  • Technical specialists seeking to increase their organizational impact
  • Entrepreneurs seeking to take their organization to a new level


Private Sector:  $4,950

Public, Government & Non-Profit Organizations:  $4,450

Contact us for information on Dominican Alumni and group discounts.


Program Schedule

Sessions Topic
Session 1 21st Century Leadership: What it Means to be a Leader
Session 2 Driving Individual Performance; Coaching for Accountability
Session 3 Engaging and Inspiring Others: Developing Your Effective Leadership Repertoire
Session 4 Thinking Strategically: Facing and Addressing Tough Choices
Session 5 Creating High Impact Teams: Building Trust for Team Commitment and Results
Session 6 Leading Change: Transforming the Organization and Staying Ahead of the Curve
Session 7 Surmounting Obstacles: Using Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Strategies
Session 8 Charting the Future: Creating and Pursuing Your Vision
Session 9 Celebrating the Outcomes: Presentations on “Project Leadership”


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