Terence Hird

Executive Education Instructor

Terence Hird has spent most of forty-year plus business career in international business arena. From 1972 through 1997 he worked for, managed and owned businesses in international trade and export. After selling his last business in 1997 he began a new and exciting career working as an international business consultant and educator. Having acquired entrepreneurial and management experience in most all facets of international business operations, he has a unique perspective on how to take a business global.


In 1999 Terry founded Negotiation-International to provide consulting and training in negotiation strategy for companies and governmental organizations. His website, www.negotiation-international.com features a popular and well-followed blog on negotiation. A popular and dynamic speaker, he provides keynote speeches on various topics related to the art of negotiation. Terry taught for 13 years in various academic programs for UC Berkeley Extension where he was selected Honored Instructor in 2004. He currently teaches in the Leadership Certificate/Academy at Dominican University.


Corporations recently working with Terry domestically and internationally include: Wells Fargo Bank, Google, Genentech, EFI, Xilinx, ION Geophysical, Ubisoft, ONYX Pharmaceutical, Bayer Healthcare, Rambus, Samsung, The United States Department of Commerce, Lawrence Livermore Lab, NanoTempur, SynBiobeta, The Port of Oakland, CivicSolar, and Aeris Communication. A graduate of Johns Hopkins University, Terry obtained his M.B.A. from Pepperdine University.