Board of Advisors

Dominican’s Institute for Leadership Studies, in the Barowsky School of Business, draws its talent from the full breadth of the University’s faculty.

Institute for Leadership Studies Board Members:

  • LeeAnn Bartolini, Professor, School of Liberal Arts & Education
  • Brett Bayles, Assistant Professor, School of Health & Natural Sciences
  • Kati Bell, Director, Global Education Office
  • Andrea Boyle, Chair, Nursing School of Health and Natural Sciences
  • Thomas Cavanagh, Assistant Professor TT, Barowsky School of Business
  • June Choi Oh, Assistant Professor and Chair of Music, Dance and Performing Arts
  • Chase Clow, Chair, Humanities & Assistant Professor
  • Korilyn Colburn, Director of Events and Conferences, Institute for Leadership Studies
  • Christian Dean, Professor, Political Science
  • Jessica Frazier, Director, Student Activities and Engagement
  • Kenneth Frost, Chair, Department of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
  • Robin Gayle, Professor and Chair, Department of Counseling Psychology
  • Amy Henkelman, Director, Athletics
  • Alison Howard, Assistant Professor, Chair, Politics and International Studies
  • Christopher Leeds, Professor, School of Business and Leadership
  • Luanne Linnard-Palmer, Professor, Nursing
  • Denise Lucy, Professor of Business & Organizational Studies; ILS Executive Director
  • Ellen O’Connor, Senior Research Fellow, Institute for Leadership Studies
  • Mara Perez, Founder, Latinos Futures
  • Nicola Pitchford, Vice President of Academic Affairs
  • Paul Raccanello, Vice President for Student Affairs & Dean of Students
  • Ruth Ramsey, Dean, School of Health & Natural Sciences
  • Lynn Sondag, Associate Professor of Art, Art History and Design
  • Laura Stivers, Dean, School of Liberal Arts & Education
  • Bradley Van Alstyne, Assistant Professor, Communications & Media Studies
  • Giulia Welch, Director, Director of Study Abroad and Global Ambassadors Mentor