MBA Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why get an MBA?

A Dominican University of California MBA offers a competitive edge in today’s workplace. Our MBA program provides interdisciplinary training for individuals seeking to create, develop, manage, or lead successful organizations and companies in the competitive and global marketplace. The Dominican MBA will train you in functional areas of business, critical thinking, problem solving, executive communications, management, change leadership, global business, social responsibility, and ethical decision-making.

2. MBA Requirements

Dominican offers a one-year full-time program for individuals who want a fast-paced MBA. Our streamlined, intensive program allows you to finish in three semesters. We also offer a 2-year part-time option, with classes held evenings and Saturdays. Dominican also offers a BA-to-MBA 4+1 program that allows undergraduates to transition directly to the MBA program. The Dominican MBA core program requirements include completion of 31 units across a variety of fields, including accounting, finance, marketing, management, leadership, supply chain, and global business, plus an additional 9 units of coursework in specialized topics. Recent courses have included strategic planning, consulting for effective change, green marketing, and emerging markets.

3. Do you require the MBA or GMAT for admission to the MBA program?

Dominican does not require submission of the GMAT or GRE for admission. We review each application carefully and make sure you have the background and experience necessary to thrive in our graduate program. Review our admission requirements.

4. Does Dominican offer part-time or executive MBA programs?

Dominican offers a two-year part-time program as well as a one-year full-time program. The part-time program is offered on either Tuesday evenings or Saturdays. Contact graduate admissions about these two options. Most “full-time” MBA programs elsewhere are two years, but we have developed a more streamlined and intensive program that allows motivated students to finish in three semesters.

All Dominican MBA courses are offered on evenings and weekends, to allow you to complete your degree while still working.

5. What’s the ideal amount of work experience you should have before applying for the Dominican MBA program?

We accept students with a range of experience, from those with 10+ years in professional roles, to undergraduates coming directly from the BA-to-MBA program with only internship experience. This diversity is beneficial to all and enriches coursework, fieldwork and students interaction. We believe in the real marketplace, you will need to manage both above and below, and with people of various levels of experience and background. Our instructors incorporate students’ current and past work experiences into the classroom through discussions and projects. This real-world context adds depth to the course material.

6. How do I decide whether to pursue an MBA? Questions that you need to ask yourself are:

  • Do you believe you can contribute more to your job but don’t see too many advancement opportunities? Do you need more tools to be more successful in your job?
  • Are you feeling constrained at your company but don’t know what will make you more marketable at other organizations?
  • Do you feel you can have better earnings potential compared to what you are currently making?

If your answer to the above questions is Yes, then you should consider a Dominican MBA!

7. What is the average salary of Dominican MBA students?

Of recent Barowsky School of Business MBA graduates:

  • 73 percent received a promotion from their current employer or a higher-level position with another company.
  • 11.5 percent are entrepreneurs who founded their own business.
  • The average reported salary was greater than $100,000 annually plus benefits.

8. How does the Dominican MBA program incorporate practical/applied business knowledge?

The Dominican MBA curriculum has some unique features:

  • It kicks off with an intensive MBA Bootcamp where students learn how to develop their team-building skills, work on live business consulting projects, interact with local business owners to help them devise strategic business solutions, and present their work to a panel of judges under a tight deadline.
  • Our MBA program is heavily focused on using case analysis, which is the new approach to teaching at leading business schools. Cases represent real business scenarios and are written by experts in the field. Each student works on several cases during the length of the program so that they get a good grasp of various industries and companies and the kind of strategies required.
  • We bring in high profile guest speakers from the industry and government who are leaders in their field and students get to interact with them one-on-one in these professional development workshops.
  • Our Global Consulting Practicum that involves a 10-day international trip is one of the biggest highlights among our MBA students. Students work with clients overseas on real consulting projects. First, they interact with the companies in virtual teams and at the end of the course, they travel to the clients’ destination country where they immerse themselves in the foreign culture and learn the professional challenges that exist while doing business internationally.
  • We also provide opportunities for MBA students to interact and bond with MBA student alumni (e.g. those who have been on the Global Consulting Trip), who serve as mentors.

9. Does Dominican offer MBA concentrations?

Dominican offers the Healthcare Leadership concentration, this 40-unit program is composed of 28 units of graduate business courses and 12 units of graduate healthcare courses.

We also offer a general MBA program. The current workplace requires individuals with a broad understanding of business principles and practices.

Our general MBA gives students a strong foundation, with additional opportunities to dive deeper into specific topics.

10. What networking resources do you have for students and alumni of Dominican?

There are over 1,000 students who have received their graduate degree from the Barowsky School of Business at Dominican. There are ongoing Business School events planned throughout the year. You can connect with them through the following resources: