Internships Inspire Business Major in Pursuit of Broker License

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The experience Andrew Chalker ’17 has enjoyed at Dominican has been so rewarding that the business administration major would welcome an opportunity to return to campus someday, teach and pay it forward.

“I’d do anything where I can be interactive with people,” he says. “What do you want to do and how can I help you get there?”

“I felt like I was ahead of the game and knew what direction I was headed,” Andrew says. “It was fascinating. I was in the same room as the CEO, the VP of Sales, and the Product Manager. Being in the middle of that all day was really exciting.”Dominican has helped Andrew in many ways. Dr. Christopher Leeds, a professor in the Barowsky School of Business led Andrew to an internship with AdVantage Tec by his sophomore year.


So were the next two internships. Andrew joined Larkspur Financial Advisors this fall. However, his summer internship with Alpha Surety Insurance Brokerage is yielding bigger results.

This spring Andrew will begin the process of earning his broker license. Upon graduation in May, he will step into a full-time job at Alpha Surety as a sales associate. He thanks Dominican’s faculty for their investment in him and his future.

“The faculty truly care. The teachers want to make a difference,” he says.

In addition, Andrew was recruited by Dr. Denise Lucy, founder and executive director of the Institute for Leadership Studies, to serve as a volunteer leadership hosts ambassador in the ILS Lecture Series. Its student lead volunteer/production manager, Crisha Carlos ‘16, recommended that Andrew take over her position when she graduated.

“I want to make sure the position flourishes. I want to build something that is more sustainable because ILS has grown so much,” says Andrew, who helps coordinates ILS events from the Business Edge Briefings Breakfast Series to fall and spring lectures. “I’ve enjoyed being production manager and I hope to pass on what I have learned and developed. It’s more of a legacy at this point.”

Andrew came to Dominican to leave his mark and he has thrived in the campus community. It’s what he expected the day he first visited Dominican.

“It’s just the feel that the campus gives,” Andrew says. “You’re seeing the vines and hearing about the history on campus. It feels like what you’d expect an Ivy League school to feel.”

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