Putting Business Skills to Work: Students Connect with Local Businesses Professionals

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Local business professionals from San Rafael shared an evening of networking and learning with senior Business Majors, as part of Exploring the World of Business, a core four-year course sequence in the Barowsky School of Business.


Hosted in the Edgehill Garden Room, members of the San Rafael Chamber of Commerce mixed and mingled with senior Business Majors, currently planning their career path for after graduation. In breakout sessions, they met with small groups of students to share more personal insights and advice. The event brought more than a dozen business professionals from the San Rafael Chamber of Commerce to the Dominican campus to connect with students.

The evening was facilitated by professors of the course Exploring the World of Business (EWB), Professors Lisa Chiapetti and Mona Sabuco. They bring their own business backgrounds into the classroom, and guide students in developing personal clarity and professional skills. “For our students in their senior year, EWB focuses on how to successfully launch your career after college,” says Professor Chiapetti. “As seniors, they lead their own job searches and continue to refine their networking skills: how to effectively communicate, share their passion, and make connections. Nights like this are exciting, because all that classwork is put into practice.”

Students engaged at Exploring the World of Business event

The room buzzed with the conversations of business students and working professionals, exchanging information and sharing ideas.

The Chamber of Commerce members included a range of experts from local businesses and non-profit organizations, to marketing and administrative managers, to executive coaches and financial consultants. They shared advice from years of experience and gave encouragement to students transitioning into the business world.

“Honestly, I felt a little hesitant when we first arrived without knowing who was in the room,” said Brandon Lee, a senior Business Administration major. “But once we introduced ourselves, it was easier to talk and connect–and everyone was friendly and supportive. We really prepare for this in EWB, so that always helps!”


In the Barowsky School, undergraduate students are supported in their transition, from business students to working professionals.

The four-year curriculum of Exploring the World of Business guides this work. Each year adds to a foundation of business skills and experience: from self discovery and reflection; to defining interests and an academic focus; to internships, mentoring, and professional networking. The senior year coursework encourages students to explore career choices and lead their own job search.

“Our faculty works closely with undergraduate students over their four years to develop key skills, including through real-world opportunities like this,” said Dr. Sam Beldona, Dean of the Barowsky School of Business. “We help students to define their goals, both personally and professionally. Our goal, in turn, is for all our graduating seniors to find both fulfillment and success in the business world.”

Dean Beldona with students at Exploring the World of Business event

By the end of the evening, there was a palpable glow from new connections made and interests sparked. “It was a great evening, and I really enjoyed meeting people,” said Taylor Speed, a senior Business Administration Major. As always, it is a joy in seeing our students, like these seniors, continue to grow into the world of business with confidence and ease.

To learn more, read about Exploring the World of Business, or learn about our Business Programs.

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