Finding the Barowsky School’s Vision in the Work of Students and Faculty

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At the Barowsky School of Business, our mission and vision are brought to life by students and faculty in their daily work. A core set of values frames the overall learning experience and shapes coursework and curriculum.

The Barowsky School’s mission is to educate our students to the very highest academic standards while developing a global orientation, an entrepreneurial attitude, a commitment to sustainability, and a strong sense of ethics and social responsibility.

These key elements are found in the daily studies and ongoing work at the business school. To start, our faculty are leading scholars and teachers representing a broad range of industries in which students pursue careers. The common attribute is their commitment to the success of students, who are challenged to be engaged, creative, and prepared–both inside and outside the classroom.

Business professor with undergraduate students

Personalized and engaged learning experiences help shape the professional and personal development of students.

In recent years, the school has launched events and workshops that focus on real-life projects and hands-on experiences. “Our MBA Bootcamp in the fall semester and the Rapid Innovation Challenge in spring are generating a great response from students–showing a real impact and a deeper level of engagement,” says Dr. Sam Beldona, Dean of the Barowsky School of Business. “These challenging experiences bring our students and their learning out of the classroom and into the real world.”

In addition, the smaller size of the university allows for a level of intimacy and personalized focus in the business school. Within the tight-knit campus community, close relationships develop easily between professors, students, and staff. These personal connections lead to more in-depth learning and long-term opportunities.

“I really love our small campus,” says Thuy-Linh Nguyen, a senior Business Administration major. “One of my business professors, Dr. Lucy, connected me with both of my internships. She also hosts small workshops at her home near campus. My friends at bigger universities can’t wrap their heads around that! But here at Dominican, it’s natural; we’re all close.”

Business professor with graduate students

Within the academics, the school aims to instill students with our core values: global perspective, entrepreneurial spirit, sustainable practices, and ethical leadership.

Our core values are essential in today’s business world, where innovation and globalization reign. “Today, we must all be global citizens,” says business professor Dr. Francoise Lepage. “We all accept the responsibility for guaranteeing that future generations will prosper on this earth–-by following sustainable practices in business, environment, and moral behavior.”

At the Barowsky School, our values are woven into both undergraduate and graduate curriculum. As graduates move into the business world, they are prepared with wide-ranging experiences and a lens for innovative thinking.

“As we see it, the world of business needs more leaders who understand these values,” says Dr. Beldona. “In today’s world, both success and progress are due to business-minded individuals who think globally, operate entrepreneurially, work sustainably, and lead ethically. We’re working to ingrain these values in the next generation of leaders who may work for non-profits, government, or corporations.”

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