Defining Next Steps: Diverse Career Plans and Strong Values of Graduating Business Students

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As the spring semester begins, seniors in the Barowsky School of Business share their aspirations and plans for next steps beyond graduation.


From financial accounting to music industry management, the aspirations of this year’s graduating class reflect the diverse passions, experiences, interests and backgrounds of Barowsky School students.

As they enter their final semester at Dominican University, our graduating seniors are more well-versed than ever about the many professions and industries where their business degrees will serve them. Indeed, this perspective has been instilled and developed throughout their Barowsky School experience. Their experiences as undergraduates–from coursework to internships–have helped them to understand themselves and to navigate their next steps after graduation.

“Ultimately, I hope to start my own business or organization–maybe an international university for Americans to learn languages and broaden their horizons,” says Haja Mondisa ‘17, a business administration major with an International Studies minor. Haja spent a semester abroad in Taiwan where she studied Mandarin Chinese.
“I really learned a lot and enjoyed my summer internships, especially working with Alpha Surety Insurance Brokerage,” said Andrew Chalker ‘17, also a business administration major. “So this spring, I’m pursuing my broker license and already secured a full-time position with Alpha Surety after graduation.”
“With the experiences I’ve had, I hope to pursue a career in digital marketing,” said Linh Nguyen ‘17, a marketing major. . She recently finished a related internship, and currently works as a social media coordinator for Dominican’s Institute for Leadership Studies. “I like that digital marketing uses my creative side, along with my business skills.”

Remy Nichols
“My longterm goal is to be an entrepreneur in the field of recycling and sustainability,” said Remy Nichols, a business administration major. His coursework helped him to see how important sustainability would be in the future of business, and he is excited to be a part of that progress.

In the Barowsky School, a business degree opens up career options far beyond traditional fields.

Our undergraduate business program is designed to mold students into socially responsible leaders, more than simply successful businesspeople. Even in more traditional courses, students learn about business with a global mindset and far-reaching perspective. By design, their coursework aims to apply wherever the paths of their careers and lives may lead. With special focus on sustainability, leadership, and ethics in the Barowsky School, students are informed and prepared to work and grow in our evolving modern world.


That influence is evident in this year’s seniors, as many voiced their hope to have a broader influence on our local and global communities. “I want to make a difference and work in my community, and I found that passion while working in public safety,” says Josh Armstrong ‘17, proud to apply his leadership and teamwork skills as a local firefighter. “In the future, I hope for a career with meaning, that makes a difference in the world,” said Taylor Speed ‘17, a marketing major, who is pursuing work in sustainability.

Others are still working on deciding the specifics of their next steps–but their bigger vision is clear. “I really want to make a positive impact on the earth in whatever work I do,” said Ashley Lentz ‘17, an interdisciplinary major with an interest in sustainable business.

As these seniors in the Barowsky School of Business move towards graduation, we can see those values unfolding wherever their careers lead.

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