From Key Decisions to New Challenges: Personalized Support Helps Business Student to Navigate Her Way

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For Angela Kiriakopolous ‘18, the support of advisors and mentors at Dominican has helped her to make the most of her undergraduate time.

From her coursework in the Barowsky School of Business, to her semester abroad, to her professional internships, Angela’s most important university experiences have each been shaped by the support of Dominican faculty and staff. As she nears her senior year, Angela continues to both depend on and appreciate this network of support.

Angela Kiriakopolous with her academic advisor, Karen Dunn
Angela Kiriakopolous with her academic advisor, Karen Dunn

Like all undergraduates, Angela was assigned an Academic Advisor upon declaring her major, a relationship that continues throughout the student’s undergraduate career.

Angela is quick to name her advisor, Karen Dunn, as one of her biggest allies and strategic supporters. Working with Karen, who supports all students in Business Administration, has had an ongoing impact on Angela. “Karen and I check in all the time – talking over concerns about classes, deciding about new opportunities, and making sure I’m on track for graduation,” says Angela. “She is always reassuring and really committed to helping.”

For Karen, it is a joy to watch students, like Angela, develop and grow over their university years. “Since she first walked through our doors, I can see how Angela’s confidence in herself has grown,” Karen says. “She’s gained so many new experiences over the past few years, and is always looking for a new challenge.”

Angela Kiriakopolous in Greece
Angela Kiriakopolous in Greece

When Angela signed on for a semester abroad in Greece, Karen and other Dominican staff were there to encourage and guide her through the experience.

“I never intended to study abroad, because I was nervous about being so far outside my comfort zone and about falling behind in my courses,” says Angela. However, encouragement from Karen, along with Global Education Office staff, helped Angela to recognize the benefits of taking on the challenge. With their support, she stayed on track with her business courses, which all easily transferred back to Dominican, while also studying Greek language and traveling the country.

“I grew so much over that semester – both personally and academically,” says Angela, recognizing that the experience may not have happened without the supports of Dominican. “I proved to myself that I was capable of taking on a new challenges and embracing the unknown.”

Back on campus, Angela is now working with another of her strategic supporters, her mentor Dr. Christopher Leeds, to navigate internships and next steps.

As her designated mentor, Dr. Leeds is a key advisor and resource for Angela, as she researches and considers decisions beyond the classroom. “When I first started in the business school, I was really unsure about what my strengths were or what I wanted to do after graduation,” Angela recalls. “Dr. Leeds connected me with my first internship working in Sharon Morrison’s office on campus. Working with Sharon gave me a great professional foundation and exposed me to a range of business experiences, from marketing to management.”

Angela has since declared her major in Business Management with a minor in Leadership Studies. Her long-term plans continue to be refined as she expands her horizons.

When she returned from her semester abroad, it was Dr. Leeds who connected Angela with a local marketing company, where she landed one of two internship positions that continue now through her senior year. “I’m excited to see where these internships will take me,” she says.

Other professors – including Dr. Denise Lucy and Dr. Françoise Lepage – also have a lasting influence on Angela. “In each class, the professors are really personal, concerned, and involved with students. They’re here to help,” she says. Within the small campus community, Angela points out that it’s easier to create longer-lasting relationships.

Angela Kiriakopolous
Angela Kiriakopolous

This personalized guidance from advisors and mentors has helped Angela to make the most of her experience at Dominican.

With a network of mentors and supporters, students like Angela are set-up for success through critical undergraduate experiences: making key decisions, taking on challenges, and finding new opportunities. From the classroom to the business world, students receive guidance and support along the way.

“Whether it’s checking in about the upcoming semester, or planning summer internships, or deciding what’s next after graduation, the Barowsky School is passionate and persistent in helping us succeed,” Angela says.

To learn more, read about the Barowsky School’s Undergraduate Business Program.

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