Landing Full-Time Jobs Before Graduation: Experiences and Insights of Barowsky Business Students

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Real-world experiences gained in internships, combined with knowledge and insight developed through the Barowsky School of Business (BSB) are leading to full-time jobs for students even before their graduation day.

Kristen Cepriano ’17, Ryan Breuner ’17, Gisela Becerra Malfavon ’17, and Mark Caliguire ’17 will walk at Commencement in May immediately into jobs with companies that have recognized the students’ abilities and attributes supported and facilitated by the Barowsky School of Business.

Eighty-eight percent of May 2017 graduates surveyed have secured full-time employment or are planning to advance their education to graduate school.

BSB obtained employment and educational data for 33 of the 36 graduates in order to gain a collective snapshot of student success.

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Ryan Breuner

A transfer student from Colorado Mountain College, Ryan came to Dominican for its small class sizes and close relationships between faculty mentor and student. An internship with FanCompass in September has turned into his dream job: a full-time position as a strategic account manager for the locally-based sports marketing company, which also has offices in New York City and London.

Ryan’s careers goals were boosted by the Barney Mizel Executive Forum, an interactive course designed to explore and discuss different leadership and management theories with top business executives. His professors also helped him with practice interviews and were quick to give Ryan advice and feedback.

“Reaching out to my professors and taking advantage of all the services Dominican offers was the biggest factor that contributed to my success,” Ryan says.

Kristen Cepriano

Awarded a prestigious Financial Women of San Francisco scholarship last year, Kristen will begin her new job as a tax intern with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) LLP this summer before she pursues her MBA at Dominican. The goal is for her full-time internship to evolve to a full-time position with the firm by fall 2018.

Graduated in December with concentrations in accounting and finance, Kristen took advantage of the personal attention and career preparation offered by the Barowsky School of Business.  She credits her four internships and the opportunity to volunteer with Tax-Aid, a non-profit tax preparation organization, for laying the foundation for her career.

“Throughout my time at Dominican, I learned the importance of networking and mentorship. I appreciated how my professors helped me to make new connections and get valuable internships to prepare me for the future,” Kristen says.

Resume development workshops and mock interviews helped her shine when applying for jobs.

“My overall Dominican experience has allowed me to reflect on myself and my goals, and has really taught me how to be independent and to take initiative for my future.”

Mark Caliguire

A student-athlete and captain of Dominican’s soccer team, Mark recently scored a full-time job as Associate Relationship Manager for Presidio Bank, one of three internships he served during his time at Dominican.

“Interning with Presidio Bank allowed me to experience in-depth the topics we routinely discussed in class,” Mark says.

Mark credits Professor of Management Dr. Christopher Leeds and Sharon Morrison, Director of Internships and Professional Development, for encouraging him and leading him to numerous internship and volunteer opportunities. His academic adviser Karen Dunn guided him through his schedule to fit into his obligations to soccer, internships, and work.

Dominican, Mark says, was the perfect fit.

“Dominican had the key things I was looking for in a college – a small student body and wide range of major opportunities — and on top of that it is one of the most beautiful campuses in the country.”

Gisela Becerra Malfavon

As a freshman, Gisela was introduced to Rob Massey, a partner with Deliotte Tax from LLP, and her career in business blossomed.
For four years she met with mentor Rob, who provided sound advice and career insight. An internship with Ghilotti Brothers in the fall of 2016 recently evolved into a full-time position as a payroll assistant with the construction company upon graduation.

“This internship was really valuable because it allowed me to get experience and I decided that I want to work in a medium-sized finance department rather than an accounting firm,” says Gisela, whose business concentration is accounting. “Dominican’s community feel inspired me to look for a company that had a similar culture.”


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