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The value of the versatility Mengya Wang MBA ’15 learned in Global Business at Dominican is now being realized in her new position as Community Manager for The JUMP! Foundation in Beijing, China.

Mengya is developing the JUMP! facilitator worldwide network in China, while developing collaborative events and programs for local partners.  She also is responsible for brand management, generating more interests from local Chinese communities, and developing content for social media in the China hub as well as training new staff and managing recruitment of participants into future sign-up programs.

The JUMP! Foundation uses experiential education to advance a world in which individuals, community leaders, and global citizens realize their passions and potential.

“Every single course I took and every professor I worked with in the Barowsky School of Business has prepared me for my job in many different ways,” Mengya says. “Having Global Business as a focus, I was able to develop a better global view and deeper understandings of `think globally, act locally.’

My MBA experience has trained me to be aware of the opportunities as well as the institutional voids in different types of markets, so we could be more prepared before entering a new country or running new program in a new environment.”

The journey from China to Dominican for Mengya included playing volleyball at Barton Community College in Kansas then at Gonzaga University before seeking her MBA at Dominican.

In 2014, Mengya was interviewing for a marketing firm in her hometown of Beijing. The firm, she learned, was affiliated with Nike Sports Camps-USSC in the United States and her manager noted that one of Nike’s sports camps was located at Dominican and the USSC office is in San Rafael.

“Are you serious? I can’t believe this!” Mengya said. “I had applied for and been accepted for graduate school at Dominican. It was my fate.”

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While studying at Dominican, Mengya coached at San Dominico School and worked at Nike Sports Camps.  She was told her student-athlete experiences in the U.S. would be beneficial to the firm, as well as to Chinese kids who are fascinated with sports, but have very limited resources to play in China.

“Through my business education both undergraduate and graduate in the states, I found that `profit maximization’ side of the business is not the only driven force for companies. I discovered that business’ impacts on the society, environment, and people are more fascinating and critical than making a profit,” Mengya says. “When I was selecting a global business consulting projects at the end of my MBA courses at Dominican, I chose a non-profit organization among many other for-profit companies.”

Mengya also has discovered that long-term visioning has helped her remain positive when facing challenges at work.

“Using critical thinking on business challenges allows me to step back once a while and look at the issues from different angles so that I can help create more practical and realistic solutions,” MengYa says. “At JUMP!, we always need to fulfill many different roles and responsibilities, so I have been learning and growing a lot while handling different tasks and projects. I feel that my MBA experience at Dominican will grow with me and become even more critical and beneficial as I accumulate more experience in my career.”

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