BA Business Administration

Designed to prepare socially responsible leaders who can use the tools of business to make a positive difference in the world.

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Leadership, Responsibility, Flexibility

Your ambition and idealism are part of the fuel that drives the School's enterprise forward. We channel that energy into one of the most comprehensive and flexible undergraduate business degrees available, as well as leadership development opportunities that help you reach your true potential.

Undergraduate Programs


Given the breadth of options we offer, students can customize their educational experience to best support their goals and aspirations. Whether seeking to build a generalist business foundation or to begin focusing on an in-depth area of expertise within business, students will find that the program encourages individual expression.

What You'll Learn

| Measurable skills and knowledge

Obtain and integrate knowledge about business.

Use written and oral communication effectively.

Conduct research and apply analytical decision­ making skills to solve business problems.

Understand the impact of globalization on business environments.

Integrate ethical leadership and sustainable business practices.

Understand and implement best practices.


Contact Denise Lucy, Professor & Director of Leadership Institute, at 916.123.4567 or [email protected].